About Us

A Company With A Big Heart.


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Our Core Values

As an Apparel Printing Company, we believe in integrity, quality, and ownership. We are committed to these values and we strive everyday to ensure we are sticking to them. Operating without integrity, there is no trust. Not taking ownership when you aren’t asked, there is no leader. Quality over quantity is ALWAYS our practice. This is just the way we do business, which is why we are called “A Design Company With A Big Heart.”

As a company with a big heart, we are consistently honest, open and straightforward.

We ensure our branded and custom products are of the highest quality or you don’t pay.

Design Hub 360 take accountability serious. We don’t believe in the “blame game.”

Why We Do Waht We Do

Digitally Printed Merchandise, especially custom t-shirts, leave lasting memories, unite groups, start traditions and have the power to bring people together. We wanted to be part of that greatness, which added to our passion for Digital Printing Services. Our mission is to continue to focus on providing the best resources to turn your creativity into a reality. That’s what we do. Check out our core values. 

Our story

Born in St. Louis in 2015, but got roots in Atlanta, Design Hub 360 got it’s start from SEO & Biz Hub, a Digital Marketing Agency that specialize in search engine optimization, web design and promotional print services.

Over the past 5 years, we expanded into a full Digital Printing Company. Our specialty is in Custom T Shirts & Merch, which includes heat transfer printing, sublimation printing and more. We are also an expert in Web Design.