Dye Sublimation Printer For T Shirts & Merch (STARTS September 1, 2020

Dye Sublimation Printing is used to heat transfer sublimation ink on to products like high quality fabric, plastic and paper, using heat. It’s method of preparing is by using a heat press and a printer; similar to heat transfer for t-shirts. But one BIG difference is the fabric must be white or light colors for the ink to show up. Just like heat transfer printing orders, sublimation printing orders can also be prepared the same day, depending on how large the order is, unlike most screen print orders. Dye Sublimation Printing can be a little more costly vs the other methods, but it looks better and is of higher quality. The products that are commonly used for sublimation printing are custom t-shirts and custom phone cases.

Sublimation Printer is The Boss of All Bosses. It Never Fades, Crack Or Peel.

This Is Where Quality Meets Quality

All Over Dye Sublimation Shirt

dye sublimation shirt

Dye Sublimation Printer For T Shirts Is Of The Highest Quality

Design Hub 360 offers Dye Sublimation Printer T Shirts, which is a premium printing method. It allows us to go more into detail. For instance, if you want a photograph printed on a shirt, it will look exactly like the photo. Reason being is because this type of printing is intricate and is of high resolution. No other printing method can do this; not even screen printing. It last longer and holds bold colors; no matter how many times you wash it.

Dye-Sublimation is prepared differently. It uses hot ink to press on the garment at a high temperature, that is then transformed into gas. It takes a great deal of skills for this type of artwork. This is why you need an expert like Design Hub 360.

But there are a few drawbacks to dye sublimation printing. It cost just a little bit more than other printing methods. You also have to use premium fabric such as at least 60% polyester or polyester blend, but 100% polyester will pertain more of a superior look. This is why most companies ask for a minimum order of 50. But we only ask for a minimum order of 15. Sublimation shirts are the go-to for special occasions, birthdays, funerals, events or for more of a high fashion look.

Heat Transfer Printing

vinyl heat press shirt

Whether you want a full color heat transfer t shirt or a Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) T-Shirt, which usually has one or two colors, Design Hub 360 got you covered with our heat transfer printing.

All Over Sublimation Printing

sublimated shirts

Whether you want all over sublimation printing, half of the the shirt printed or the front or back printed, Design Hub 360 can do whatever you like. You make the call.

Custom Phone Case Printing

iphone 7 sublimated phone cases

Custom Phone Case Printing is one of our specialties. We use the same printing method we use for sublimation t-shirts. This takes customization to a new level.