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Let us Design Your Next Project

Design Hub 360 offers a wide range of Custom Apparel Services, from printing to Vendor And Graphic Designer Programs to Web Design Services. Our company is known for providing high quality printing services that delivers superb results, fast and easy. Our promise to you is to always, integrity, quality and ownership; our Core Values. And we stand on every word of it when it comes to providing excellent work for your custom apparel. So whether you are customer needing a custom product for a special occasion or a Startup Clothing line or a larger Clothing Company, we got you covered.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing is used to transfer sublimation ink on to products like high quality fabric, plastic and paper, using heat. It's method of preparing is by using a heat press and a printer, kind of of like heat transfer paper for t-shirts. But one BIG difference is the fabric must be white or light colors for the ink to show up. Just like heat transfer printing orders, sublimation printing orders can also be prepared the same day, depending on how large the order is, unlike most screen print orders. Dye Sublimation Printing can be a little more costly vs the other methods, but it looks better and is of higher quality. The products that are commonly used for sublimation printing are custom t-shirts and cellphone cases.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing continues to be the “go to” method for inexpensive custom printing projects, especially for t shirts, hats and accessories. It is a polyurethane material that is long lasting, colorfast, as well as machine washable. Two types of heat transfer printing is heat transfer vinyl and heat transfer paper. One method of preparing is with a vinyl cutter machine and the other is with an inject printer. But both are little more cost effective than the screen printing method.

Web Design Services

The first impression a potential customer notice when they arrive on your website is the look. Does it look professional. Does it look trustworthy. A tacky website can hurt your business. Don't let this be you. This is why Design Hub 360 Expert Website Designers designs your custom site from start to finish to get the look your customers will not only love, but is also built with the latest technology, user friendly and is mobile friendly.